INNER-CITY RCp Training & Racing

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Training & Racing Experience:

With the Training & Racing Experience, Operators will learn how to use physics & mathematics, by calculating travel, speed, distance, time, gravity, and weight effortlessly while competing against one another to complete the driving course.  Operators will be trained to use some of the most technologically advanced models to compete against each other but in a team environment. 


Operators will participate in reverse-engineering of the models, completely removing the electronics and mechanical parts.  Operators will learn the functionality of the electronics, and the functionality of the scaled engineering of the model's framing.  Operators will then reassemble the models, showing how the engineered components and the electronic components work together. 

The vehicles in this course will primarily replicate the top most active 10-20 scaled real-life monster trucks from the Monster Jam circuit.      

Operators will choose custom colors to paint the rims, and ultimately witness the transition between a clear see-thru body, to a custom-painted body.

* 8-week STEM/STEAM curriculum program

* Side-by-side bracket track racing for accumulated points 

* We provide radio-controlled vehicles to the children

* All vehicles will be kept in stock condition to remain competitive

* Driver’s error, experience, and technique will determine the winners

* This program is a platform for the following:

   - Teamwork

   - Competition with respect & dignity

   - Winning & losing with respect

   - How to repair the vehicles if/when they require repairs

   - Open communication that leads to detection of trauma

   - An outlet to speak about violence and trauma

   - Conflict resolution & Conflict mediation

   - Social-emotional therapy

   - Mentoring

   - Discipline

   - Team building

   - An escape from toxic environments

   - Fun alternative to athletics

   - Deterrent to being offenders or victims  

   - Intervention to violence

   - Loads of fun seamlessly being educated through STEM/STEAM

   -  and much more...


We will start the "Training & Racing Experience" once we have reached our financial goals to purchase the vehicles and other necessities.  If you would like to help our program expand to other Chicago Police Districts, and ultimately to other cities and suburbs, please Donate today! 

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Examples of racing:

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