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INNER-CITY RCP Training & Racing
Training & Racing Experience:

I bet you're wondering: How Is this an educational program?  How Is this a program of growth?  How Is this a program of building?  How could this possibly be a sport? How Is this a STEM/STEAM program? The answers to your questions are below. 

Our "Training & Racing Experience"  is the answer.  The"Training & Racing Experience"  is an 9-week curriculum course, and we will host (3) 9-week courses a year.  Operators(children) learn how to use physics & mathematics by calculating travel, speed, distance, time, gravity, and weight effortlessly while competing against one another on the driving course. Operators drive, repair, and train with some of the most technologically advanced trucks to compete against each other but in a team environment. Operators participate in some levels of reverse-engineering of the models when it comes to repairs, removing, and replacing electronics and mechanical parts. The parts are fully replaceable, and upon breakage of a part or pieces, Operators and their teams are responsible for repairing their assigned models. 


The teams consist of 3-5 Operators and a Police Officer who is an active member of the team, and a mentor.  Teams work together every week during the 9-week program to make them smarter, wiser, more confident, and more robust.  Each racing event has team members and multiple teams competing against each other. Officers remain consistent throughout the 8-week program to establish and maintain a personal connection.  So while an Operator is racing, he/she always has a support team in their corner. This experience is a complete learning experience for all who are involved. 


Operators excel and advance based on their ability to make the necessary but slight adjustments to the mechanics of their models to suit their operating style.  Operators accomplish this by building comfort, confidence, and knowledge.   Additionally, It is impossible for an Operator to complete a race without applying discipline, technique, and physics rules.  Operators have to apply these rules to adjust to the configurations & conditions of the course.   


We primarily paint the vehicles' bodies to replicate the topmost active 10-20 scaled real-life monster trucks currently racing in the Monster Jam circuit.   Operators learn about real-life trucks and their drivers.  Each year ends with all participants taking a field trip to see the Monster Jam circuit in person when they perform every September.  We cannot guarantee consistent victories for every Operator in our program. However, we can guarantee consistent losses for every Operator who do not apply the principles that we teach in our program.  

Program Explained:

8-week STEM/STEAM curriculum program

Side-by-side bracket track racing for accumulated points.

We provide radio-controlled vehicles to the children

Driver's error, experience, and technique will determine the winners

All vehicles will be kept in stock condition to remain competitive

Customized Experiences

- Teamwork
  - Competing with respect & dignity
  - Winning & losing with respect
  - How to repair the vehicles if/when they require repairs
  - Open communication that leads to detection of trauma
  - An outlet to speak about violence and trauma

- Conflict resolution & Conflict mediation 

- Social-emotional therapy 

- Mentoring 

- Discipline 

- Team building 

- An escape from toxic environments 

- Fun alternative to athletics 

- Promote art 

  - Physics in a fun way 
  - Deterrent to being offenders or victims 

  - An alternative to engaging in mischief
  - Intervention to violence
  - Loads of fun seamlessly being educated through STEM/STEAM
  - and much more!  

Remember the questions at the top of this page?..... And your answer is?

Our ultimate goal is to eventually have a facility where we can have children from all over the city and surrounding suburbs, accompanied by Police Officers from those respective areas to converge for racing and fellowship. With your help, we can reach the full capabilities of the Training & Racing Experience.  Please share and donate to our campaign!


To sign your child up, volunteer, or sign in to an event, Click here.

View our calendars of upcoming events. Here.

With your help, we can reach this Training & Racing Experience!


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