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Giving Back

The Chicago Police is a trademark or registered mark of the City of Chicago.  The photo will redirect you to the Chicago Police website.  The photo is solely a reference to the topic.  In no way are we suggesting that the City of Chicago or Chicago Police Department supports our site. 

Your local law enforcement officers are your city's and town's first line of defense.  It's unfortunate that most of our experiences with law enforcement come when we either need help or when we are intentionally or unintentionally breaking a rule or law.     

     Bad press has a tendency to make most groups look bad based off of the actions of very few within that group.  Keep in mind that anytime you have a large group of individuals, everyone within that group cannot and will not be on the same page ethically.  Make no mistake, the good officers outweigh the bad by a large margin.   Just keep this in mind that they are racing to places of danger that we are trying to race away from. 

     We support the Chicago Police Department!....and encourage you to support your local law enforcement agency.  A way to support Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.  This foundation supports and aids the families of officers who unfortunately never return home from work. 

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