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Is this an educational program?  Is this a program of growth?  Is this a program of building?  Is this a sport?  Is this a STEM/STEAM program?  You be the judge...... 

With the "Training & Racing Experience", Operators will learn how to use physics & mathematics, by calculating travel, speed, distance, time, gravity, and weight effortlessly while competing against one another to complete the driving course.  Operators will be trained to use some of the most technologically advanced models to compete with each other but in a team environment. 


Operators will participate in reverse-engineering of the models, completely removing the electronics and mechanical parts.  Operators will learn the functionality of the electronics, and the functionality of the scaled engineering of the model's framing.  Operators will then reassemble the models, showing how the engineered components and the electronic components work together.  Operators will choose custom colors to paint the rims, and ultimately witness the transition between a clear see-thru body, to a custom-painted body.   


Competing with other Operators with models, each model is equipped with the technology to control throttling, braking, reversing, and steering.  Transmitter technology also prevents interference between the models, allowing multiple models to operate at the same time without disruption.  This will guarantee seamless & uninterrupted competition, no matter who is racing


With all of the Operators having the same scaled engineered model, each Operator will excel and advance based on their ability to make the necessary, but slight adjustments to the mechanics of their model to suit their operating style.  Additionally, Operators will have to apply the rules of physics to adjust to the configurations & conditions of the course, and their ability to operate their model.   

It will be impossible for an Operator to successfully complete a race without applying the rules of physics, discipline, and technique.  As Operators become more comfortable with their operating ability and their assigned models, they will learn how to adjust the engineering of their models as a tool to advance in the course.

These models are engineered so that all parts are fully replaceable, and upon breakage of a part or pieces, Operators are responsible for repairing their assigned models.  

Each team will consist of a Police Officer and several Operators.  Even though each person on a team will compete against each other, the teams will also compete against other teams.  So while an Operator is racing, he/she will always have a support team in their corner.  Our program will mentor, teach physics in a fun way, promote art, teamwork, team building, how to be competitive, dignity, discipline, and winning & losing with respect.  

We can't guarantee consistent victories for every Operator in our program, but we can guarantee consistent losses for every Operator who do not apply the principles that we teach in our program.

We will work with each Operator on a weekly basis during our 10-week program to make them smarter, wiser, confident, and stronger.

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We have two different "Experiences", it is VERY important for you to CLICK ON EACH "EXPERIENCE" BELOW to see what the programs are about!  PLEASE.....PLEASE READ  about the "Training & Racing Experience"! 


"Freestyle Experience", and "Training & Racing Experience"

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