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monster jam 

Monster Jam, we would love to have an opportunity to partner with you!  I am the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Cobra Back Foundation. I am also a Sergeant of Police(Police Supervisor) with the Chicago Police Department. Over the last few years, I have seen RC monster truck racing evolve, but with limited demographics. Through the Cobra Back Foundation, I have created a Science, Technology, Engineering(STEM) program with RC Monster Trucks. I am in a unique position, and I am in charge of the Community Policing office(CAPS) in the Englewood Police Station of the Chicago Police Department. Englewood is one of the most impoverished and challenged communities in the Country. I lead an incredible team of Officers who are responsible for building stronger relationships between the Police and the community they serve. Under my leadership for years, my team(Englewood Police Officers) have created & accomplished great things in the Englewood community, and this new program is not any different.  The Cobra Back Foundation created a(n) RC program called "INNER-CITY Radio Controlled w/Police" (INNER-CITY RCP) to introduce RC vehicles to children who have never had the financial ability or exposure to model grade RC experiences. We partnered with 7th District CAPS to introduce this program to Englewood. Each team will consist of a Police Officer and children. The children will always have a support team in their corner.  


 We will exclusively use the Losi LMT and SPEKTRUM radio & battery equipment for our "Training & Racing Experience".   We will make purchases but would love to partner with Horizon Hobby in hopes of having the following donated.  

LMT: Roller LOS04022 (10)

Spectrum: Servo 23T SPMS614S (10)

Receiver SPM2340 (10)

Charger SPMXC2010 (5)

ESC & Motor Combo SPMXSEMC04 (10)


Having Officers as mentors, coaches & team members, children will compete three to Four times a year during our "Training & Racing Experience", which is an 8-week curriculum course. We will assign each child a(n) RC model. At the beginning of the eight weeks, the children will install the electrical components(receiver, servo, motor, ESC). We will teach how to repair the vehicles if/when they require repairs. The RC’s will remain in "stock" condition to remain competitive. Driver's experience and technique will determine the winners. Our goal is to have INNER-CITY RCP competing in all Chicago Police Districts eventually and personalize further the relationship between Police Officers, spectators who are residents of the community, and the parents & children in this program. The purpose of INNER-CITY RCP is for Police Officers, RC enthusiasts, and those interested in RC racing to get together to build, teach, learn, train, and compete. INNER-CITY RCP will foster a stronger relationship between Police Officers, the community, and the children(ages: 9-17 ) in neighborhoods they serve. This STEM program teaches physics in a fun way. It also promotes open communication with honest conversations, potential insights & solutions to what's going on inside the child's life, and mentoring. It also supports conflict resolution & conflict mediation, social-emotional therapy, discipline, teamwork, team building, competition with dignity, winning & losing with respect, teaching art, and competitive weekly racing. Furthermore, occupying the idle minds of children in the Inner-City, ultimately giving an alternative to being on the streets, a crime deterrent and intervention to violence & crime. We recognize that all children are not athletes, INNER-CITY RCP will engage intellectually, fun & competitively.


We have already touched close to 100 children with our Freestyle Racing experience! We will start the "Training & Racing Experience" once we have reached our financial goals to purchase or the ability to acquire the designated vehicles. We have(photos above) already painted the car bodies to replicate the topmost active 10-20 scaled real-life Monster Trucks currently racing in the Monster Jam circuit. Children will learn about the real Monster Trucks and their drivers as they compete in the 8-week course.  We will run three to four separate 8-week courses throughout a 12 month period.  Each year will end with all of the children who participated, taking a field trip to see the actual Monster Jam races in person when they travel to Illinois to compete. 

Having Monster Jam as a sponsor would be the ultimate blessing to our program.  It would present optimal exposure to your community outreach efforts and programming.  Please read more on the INNER-CITY RCP page.  

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