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PERSPECTIVES is a program designed to foster a better relationship between the Police and the community.  PERSPECTIVES will implement training programs based on "perspectives" from different cultures and professions.


3rd WATCH is a complete police experience, designed to simulate the stress, the adrenaline dumps, the chaos, the fear, the emotion, and the decision making of a Police Officer.  This program is a scenario-based program that brings a real-life Police experience to citizens, ultimately getting citizens as close as we can get them to seeing life from a Police Officer's "PERSPECTIVE".  3rd WATCH scenarios are based on Police involved encounters that actually occurred in real-life.  

 I'm YOU

We have had much success with this program.  Officers going to schools, churches, and community meetings, for the purpose of engaging in conversation about issues affecting the community.  I'm YOU provides a platform for all parties to express their feelings, ultimately allowing for each side to see things from a different "PERSPECTIVE".  I'm YOU, is also designed to bring out scenarios to simulate authentic reactions.


Designed specifically with neighborhoods and neighborhood relations in mind.  This program trains organizations and individuals on the importance of Community Policing.  Expressing the importance of subcommittees, relationships, genuine interactions, problem-solving, and so many other components necessary to fostering a relationship with those in the community.   

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