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Cobra Back Foundation



Block by block, building stronger relationships.  One strong block, one strong cluster of blocks, one strong community.  We are stronger together.


Defeating the odds, and proving "them" wrong.  Fostering genuine and lasting relationships between Police and community. 


The Cobra Back Foundation(CBF) was founded to fill voids.  The Founder, E. Dixon, has been a civil servant in the City of Chicago since 2001 and has devoted his life to helping residents and guests of the city.  CBF will focus on the subjects listed below, in an effort to create solutions, unity, safer neighborhoods, and ultimately foster a better partnership between Police and those in the communities they serve in.       

* Community Policing and understanding perspectives

* Community and Self-awareness

* Competitive Youth STEM radio-controlled truck program

* Assisting families and individuals in communities most impacted by violence 

“The key to better neighborhoods is building stronger residential blocks.  One strong block, one strong cluster of blocks, one strong community.  We are stronger together."   –E. Dixon.


E. Dixon

Founder & C.E.O

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, E. Dixon has had a first-hand experience growing up in an underserved community and knows how it looks and feels.  Completing High School and graduating college with a Bachelor Of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management, Dixon jumped right into the workforce.  Dixon was employed by and left a major oil company as a young Area Manager running all operations at three locations at the same time, to securing employment in another leadership and management position at a large retail chain.  E. Dixon has reached many career milestones and accomplishments since being hired by the Chicago Police Department in 2001.  E.Dixon has received over 100 awards and recognitions issued by the Chicago Police Department, Federal & other agencies, including Life Savings, Department Commendations, Outstanding Partnership, Star of Distinction, Honorable Mentions, and several awards & recognitions given by the community he has served.  After 16 years of service on Citywide Units and Investigative Units, E. Dixon was promoted in rank within the Chicago Police Department.  E. Dixon founded the Cobra Back Foundation after reflecting on his experiences and assessing his observations in the Englewood community.  The Cobra Back Foundation was founded to provide resources and opportunities to a community that he has grown to love and others like it.  Going forward, E. Dixon plans to continue to observe, listen, and act on the same impulses that have led to his exemplary career.   

E. Dixon speaking on community:

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NNO CBS News (CBS)     

Community FRAD     

Community Protest abc News (abc)     

Community collaboration (WBEZ)     

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