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Serve & protect

"INNER-CITY Radio-Controlled w/Police", also known as "INNER-CITY RCP", provides a radio-controlled "Freestyle Experience", and/or "Training & Racing Experience".  The purpose of INNER-CITY RCP is for Police Officers, radio-controlled(RC) car/truck enthusiasts, and those who have an interest in RC racing to get together to learn, train, compete, and freestyle.  INNER-CITY RCP is designed to foster a stronger relationship between Police Officers, the community, and the children in neighborhoods they serve.  This program also promotes open communication, mentoring, discipline, team building & competitive racing on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Furthermore, occupying the idle minds of children in the Inner-City, ultimately giving an alternative to being on the streets.  We recognize that all children are not athletes, this program was designed to be fun & competitive in a non-athletic way.  Is this an educational program?....the answer might surprise you, click here.  Starting in the 7th(Englewood) District, our goal is to eventually have INNER-CITY RCP competing in all 22 Chicago Police Districts, and surrounding suburbs.  Our goal is to further personalize the relationship between Police Officers, spectators who are residents of the community, and the parents & children in this program by integrating teams.  We have two different "Experiences", it is VERY important for you to read about the "Training & Racing Experience", CLICK ON EACH "EXPERIENCE" BELOW to see what the programs are about!  

"Freestyle Experience", and "Training & Racing Experience"



To sign your child up, volunteer, or sign in to an event, Click here.

View our calendars of upcoming events. Here.

Examples of racing:

Video 1       ;      Video 2       ;       Video 3       :       Video 4

With your help, we can reach this Training & Racing Experience!

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