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INNER-CITY RCP Freestyle Experience
Freestyle Experience:

* This is a bring whatever type of radio-control you have, and drive experience. So if you have a radio-controlled car or truck at home, no matter what make or model, you can ride with us. Our "Freestyle Experience" has already started!!  Please come out and join us! Check the calendar for dates, times, and locations.   

* The Freestyle Experience is a platform for the following:

- Radio-control recreation and learning

- Open communication that leads to detection of trauma

- An outlet to speak about violence and trauma

- Social-emotional therapy

- Mentoring

- Discipline

- An escape from toxic environments

- Fun alternative to athletics

- Deterrent to being offenders or victims

- Intervention to violence

- Loads of fun!

- and much more...


To sign your child up, volunteer, or sign in to an event, Click here.

View our calendars of upcoming events. Here.

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